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It’s us – Ola, Kasia and Karolina, the authors of that project. Nice to see you on our blog! 🙂 We hope that you will stay with us longer and let us inspire you. This is what has connected our three-person team. Although we are different, our power is the ability to share our passions, talk about them and inspire one another. While creating that blog, we want to share that with you. What’s more, our aim is to convince you that life is beautiful. Even while some difficulties appear, we can find the strength to carry on. We will write about traveling, sports, cooking and life in general, because all of that is our passion and gives us a lot of energy.        


We are three lawyers, who met during studies. But what made our friendship closer, were the breakfasts in the city and the … challenge – Get Back Stadium Gym Race in Wroclaw in 2016. For two of us – Ola and Karolina – it was the first start in the race.  We made it! We managed a difficult climb up the stairs around the stadium in Wroclaw, getting medals at the end. That lifted us up and showed that everything is possible. Currently, there are new challenges in front of us. You can read about them on our blog.

It is worth adding that you will not find a recipe for meat dishes on our website, because two of us – Ola and Karolina – are vegetarians and we all are animals’ lovers. However, we are sure that recipes for vege dishes will be delicious and inspire you to your own culinary creativity.

We wish you a pleasant reading!

Ola, Kasia, Karolina

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