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I love to make weekend trips to interesting European cities for a small price. It is like an addiction. You can take short break, something like time away from everyday life for. You want more and more.

Lazy Christmas afternoon, poppy seed cake and old movies on TV… and the quick decision – I’m going to London! One day intensive trip. Two-way tickets under PLN 100 (25 euro). In this cases I never had any doubts.

I visited London at the end of January (see our Instagram account). In the capital of the Great Britain I was at 10 am. A trip by bus from Luton airport took an hour. It was a great opportunity to quick nap. The ticket to London Victoria by National Express costs £ 12. I like to look at well-dressed women and men. In London, I had it enough. Navy blue suit, beige trench coat, branded briefcase, fashionable frame glasses … or pencil skirt, classic high heels or ballerina with shiny stones, coat in interesting color, original handbag … Obligatory a coffee mug from popular London’s Caffe Nero.
My world 😉 I understood the phenomenon of famous London look. Earlier I saw fatastic street stylizations only in Milan.

4 am at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

I visited the area of Buckingham Palace. It’s just only on 11-minute walk from Victoria Station. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet anyone from the royal family. Maybe next time 😉


Westminster Abbey is the most important, next to the Canterbury Cathedral and the St. Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London, the Anglican temple. The architecture and its significance in the history of England and Great Britain makes a good impression.

Unfortunately, Big Ben is in renovation. Another reason to visit London again.

I love M&M’s. Fans of these sweets will be delighted with the M&M’s World, which is located at Leicester Square.

For the lunch place we chose… nearby McDonald’s. I don’t eat meat, so I expected that I could order only a salad or chips. I was positively surprised – the British McDonald’s offers meals for vegetarians. The Vegetable Deluxe is made from chickpeas, cumin and coriander in the company of lettuce and sauce. It was really delicious.

The City of London was the next point of the trip around the urban jungle. Interestingly, it is an administrative unit that has city rights within London. Due to the fact that the majority of UK’s commercial and banking operations are concentrated there with different tax system.

Walking the Millennium Bridge we went to the Tate Modern museum. For lovers of modern art, it will be a lot of fun. Next nice place was the Tower Bridge, one of the most famous landmarks in London in Victorian style. And an obligatory photo, of course.

The plane landed in Warsaw at 1 am. It was intensive 24h, but it was worth it! It is difficult to explore London in just a few hours, so it wasn’t my my last trip to this fantastic city.

Did like London? What is your opinion? Write to us!

Good advice:

– buy two-way tickets in advance – 80 PLN is really on occasion!
– prepare a plan of your trip. Yu should rest and relax, it is not a race 🙂
– remember about comfortable shoes. It is important after 20 km of “walking”…
– remember about good company 🙂


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